Self-Care – Part 1: What is the ‘Self’?

This is a huge question with an extensive philosophical history ranging from Augustine, through Descartes and Post-modern thinkers, the history of which I am not going to cover here. Sorry for all those of you are a fascinated to delve deeper. There are however some...

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Self-Care – Introduction

How successful are you at doing effective self-care? Self-care that encourages, refreshes and energises you.For many of us it can be a huge effort to just get motivated. Self-care can be more about adding to an already hectic routine, a help to make us feel good,...

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Wreck-reation or Re-creation

For most of us doing recreation is about having fun, doing hobbies, taking time out, spending time with friends, family, or just being intentional about not doing work.Recently I have been thinking about the word “Recreation”. Random I know but that little word just...

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